Dezinfecta is a hyper-concentrated solution prepared out of purely edible  natural
products and herbs used for effectual removal of dirt, pesticides, insecticides  and
microbes from the surface of Vegetables and  Fruits.  The  product  when  used  to clean vegetables and fruits helps them stay fresh for a longer period of time  even without refrigeration. Compared to  washing  with  only  water,  use of   Dezinfecta ensures removal of 99% of  germs,  pesticide,  insecticide  and  herbicide  residues from daily use vegetables and fruits. The product has been tested extensively and found to be effective in degrading most  commercial   pesticides  and  insecticides. The efficiency was validated through tests done at M/s Eurofins Analytical services India Pvt Ltd, one of world’s leading analytical test service  providers.  The  product exhibited powerful antimicrobial property and has  been  proven  to  kill  99%  of  all harmful bacteria and fungi present on the  surface  of  vegetables  and  fruits.  It  is eco-friendly, safe to use on a daily basis and does not leave  any  residue  or  after-taste. The product works well on all kind of fruits  and  vegetables  including  green leafy vegetables.

NuvoHeal- B

NuvoHeal- B  is  edible  oil  based  lotion  which  includes  various  plant  extracts identified   in   folklore   medicine   as  having  high  skin  regeneration  properties. NuvoHeal- B has proven to be very effective in treating various first  and  second degree burns as per initial test results done internally. Currently, further research on improvisation of the same is being carried out with the focus of  developing  a market comparable product.


It   is   a  fully  water  soluble  concentrated  extract  of  turmeric  prepared  using proprietary    technology  from   high   quality  turmeric  rhizome.  The  product  is intended to be used as  a  nutritional  supplement  aiding  in  an  overall  healthier lifestyle for  the  consumers.  The  product  possesses  antiseptic  properties  and works well as an immunomodulator once inside the body. It also has high antiviral activity and can be even used as replacement  of  turmeric  powder  in  household cooking.

NuvoHeal- C

NuvoHeal- C is a purely herbal based cream targeted  at  healing  surface  wounds and cuts. Initial random trials done in-house has shown encouraging results when applied   on   various   kinds   of   wounds  compared  to  many  other  commercially available   ointments.   Basically,   the  cream  consists  of  various  herbal  extracts mentioned in Indian folklore. Currently, animal  testing  is  underway  to  prove  the efficacy of the product.